About Historic Crystal Ballroom

Historic Crystal Ballroom began life in 2018. It was founded to purchase and preserve the Crystal Ballroom, a 90 year old country dance hall in St. John, Wisconsin, by a group of dancers who didn’t want to see a piece of Wisconsin’s history lost.

Historic Crystal Ballroom’s all-volunteer staff has put in hundreds of hours researching and developing a plan to purchase the Ballroom in order to maintain, preserve and protect it for the community.

Our vision goes beyond preserving the building and its history to include:

  • Welcoming community groups of all kinds to the Ballroom for a wide variety of events.
  • Sharing the art of ballroom dance to unite diverse members of the community, whether young or old, able bodied or impaired, all ethnicities, and all income levels.

The History of Community Dance Halls

There was a time when nearly every county seat in Wisconsin had a dance hall. The dance hall was the cultural center of the community, hosting traveling theatre companies and other performing arts, local community groups needing a place to gather, and of course dances. One by one, these beautiful centers of light and culture have gone dark.

Our goal is to preserve and maintain the Crystal Ballroom as a vibrant center of community activity, and in so doing prevent the loss of a local cultural treasure.

We are committed to preserving the Crystal Ballroom and its history in order to provide a safe and welcoming venue for community events, including ballroom dances. We hope you will join us in this effort

Meet Our Board

President Thomas Wood
Director James Sommer
Secretary Wendy Champion

Treasurer Robert Lundt